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Global Business Leaders is a leadership development consultancy for the 21st century.

As coaches, we help values-driven organisations around the world to connect the why, what, who and how for extraordinary results.

Who we are

We’re Helen Battersby and Anne Stenbom. We founded Global Business Leaders to help people make a positive and lasting difference to themselves, their organisations and the communities they serve.

We believe that the first step toward purposeful change is being accountable for one’s own leadership. Leadership as a service to the whole organisation, and the organisation’s service to its widest. communities. 


What we do

We partner with our clients on four main areas of people development.


Executive coaching that grows individual potential to unlock leadership capacity in others.


Developing high-performing, well-connected teams united by shared goals. 


Empowering people in purpose-driven organisations to co-create a healthy, thriving workplace.

Diversity AND inclusion

Bespoke programmes for workplaces where differences are celebrated and used to best effect. 

The Discovery Prism

The Discovery Prism is a simple, insightful framework to help you ask the big
questions of your organisation. What is its purpose, place in the world and legacy for future generations? 

When everyone (and everything) truly comes together in an organisation, the possibility for change is extraordinary. There’s a real buzz of energy that compels people to achieve their shared ambitions. This energy is what gets things done – it’s the essence of The Discovery Prism, our model (and now a new leadership book) for success. 


On the strategy away-day, obstacles came tumbling down, bridges were built and a clear new vision emerged for our senior leadership team – one that each member recognises, has buy-in for and is committed to delivering. 

Global entertainment business, UK

Without exception, the feedback from the participants was very positive – while our organisation benefits from the participants' increased skills and competences. Anne and Helen were able to connect to our people, understand them and quickly adapt to their learning needs.

HR department, national bank in the Netherlands 

Anne adds warmth and humour and has a strong, calm presence, always finding the appropriate mood and tone. She creates an engaging working climate for participants at all times and her positive energy is contagious.

International airline, Germany 

Coaching has made me grow professionally and privately. I know my strengths and what to work on to be the best version of me I can be. My confidence has increased and I dare to trust myself more now. With greater confidence everything is easier. I know my value.

Music industry organisation, Sweden

Anne and Helen demonstrate high credibility and depth of experience. They are very good listeners and were in touch with individuals as well as the group. They are personable, insightful and very engaging, bringing high positive energy. 

Global telecoms group, Europe

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From corporate banks and consumer brands to charities and not-for-profits, our clients lead organisations of all shapes, sizes and sectors globally.

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