Culture and values

Developing purposeful, values-driven leaders

These are the people who will be your future leaders. You want to retain best talent and make sure that they are
the kind of people that will represent your company best to drive the business into the future with all its challenges, both regulatory and competitive


For the international bank we were working with this meant re-enforcing the strong values-based culture which lay at the heart of their business. The programme we co-designed with HR and delivered for their chosen potential managers was shaped to develop people who not only understood the bank’s culture but consciously lived the values. For all stakeholders, internally and externally, they would act as cultural ambassadors driving business performance and personal fulfilment. Excellent competence and unrivalled customer experience would follow this development as would the bank’s attraction to others in the sector.

We know leadership development is not something that starts only on the day you engage us. It is already there in the models and examples provided by the culture of the organization. This is why any leadership programme needs to address what is already embedded in the organization. Our ambition is always to build on the positive, to grow leaders who are purposeful, who deliver the vision and leave a legacy of which all are proud.


Objectives of the Potentials Programme

  • To increase the leadership capacity of Potentials so they are equipped to become role models of excellence as performance-oriented Bank managers
  • To develop the skills, behaviours and sensitivities needed to perform well in a complex and changing environment
  • To grow participants’ confidence, self-direction and accountability in order to enable smooth transition to a management role when appropriate
  • To create a sustainable, consistent, clear and enriched programme by aligning it with the bank’s values, concepts, approaches and terminology
  • To provide a platform which can be scaled up for Experienced Managers where a common language and approach can be used to leverage leadership capacity in the organisation



We start with enquiry in order to discover the kind of leaders you want and need. What is pre-existing in the organization? What needs to be different? What do your potential leaders need to become? What is the language you use? What are your particular organizational/ market challenges? What are the needs you haven’t considered yet?

For best challenge, learning and networking, cohorts came from mixed disciplines across diverse geographical locations. The agreed programme consisted of two 2-day modules and one 1-day session, each 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Connecting the dots

The driving intention of GBL’s work for partnering with the client, design and delivery is to connect the dots

  • Connection between content and purpose – by liaising with various stakeholders at the bank throughout all stages, remaining attuned to the requirements of participants. We used the feedback to modify and enhance the ongoing work
  • Connection between the various areas of the bank and different geographic locations – by encouraging participants to learn from each other as they hear of different approaches to tackle similar issues – they learn they are not alone in their vulnerabilities; they learn how strengths complement each other and how differences are important for creative thinking. They form close bonds, networking across the organization and lay the foundations for further sharing and collaboration once the formal programme is completed. Respected senior leaders demonstrate their endorsement of their learning by sharing their experience with participants 
  • Connection to the organisation’s own models and frameworks – using established tools and approaches to inspire further personal and collective development 
  • Connection between the modules as a logical progression of skills which build on and reinforce each other – separate modules, each with their own specific focus but interlinked to enhance learning through reflection and action-planning
  • Connection between support and learning – the business application of all learning is supported by branch manager involvement / buddying /mentoring /reviews /support calls and the development of personal plans

Without exception the feedback from the participants was very positive, while our organisation benefits from the participants’ increased skills and competences.
Anne and Helen were able to connect to our people, understand them and quickly adapt to their learning needs

Feedback from the HR Director
on conclusion of the programme


Leading Self module

Key themes: Understanding what leadership is, raising awareness of strengths, what we may develop and how to do so.

“I’m more aware of my strengths and how they manifest and this gives me an appreciation of others’ strengths that are different to my own.”

 “I learnt a lot about myself and how to approach others; why people react the way they do.” 

“I’ve learnt how authenticity and accountability are linked.”

    Leading Others module

    Key themes: How to optimise interactions with others, how to delegate, coach and engage others. Understanding the components of and how to create a high-performance environment.

    “I have the tools to understand the culture of a high-performance environment and how to create commitment and engagement.“

    “I am more aware of the context, group dynamics, and what is needed to be a high performing team.”

    “I don’t immediately give advice or come up with a solution during a coaching conversation but explore possibilities to create more independent thinking in my team.”

    Module: Leadership in Action

    This closing session brings all the learning together and encourages ongoing transfer. Participants scope and run the day with the support of the facilitator.  They bring their own challenges and needs for revision and practice and demonstrate their personal accountability by doing so.

    “It is quite difficult to overcome assumptions, but when you are aware, by asking the right questions you can overcome the limits created by assumptions and create different possibilities.”

    “I know the importance of creating a space where people can openly disagree, to dialogue, move on and perform well rather than smothering differences of opinion and never get accountability.”

    What if we train people and they leave? What if you don’t, and they stay?

    What’s your choice? Get in touch if you would like to learn how we could create a programme worthy of your organisation’s people and future!

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