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Coaching individuals to thrive

Whether you are CEO, director, or a newly promoted manager, there is a leader in you waiting to emerge. One who has the self-awareness to step into leadership that empowers others as well as themselves, and who increases the potential of every interaction in which they participate.

The power of coaching is that typically 1.5 to 2 hours a month over a period of 6-9 months can yield amazing results. This is because coaching conversations reframe your challenges and stresses from constant energy drains or vicious cycles to fountains of learning. You are able to explore many options and experiment with more effective approaches to achieve your desired outcomes.

The Impact of Executive Coaching goes beyond the individual

We believe that Executive Coaching is about increasing leadership capacity for the individual so that the whole system benefits. Our coaching programmes can accelerate this development by a combination of creating a vision for success, detailing evidence of change and working with the wider system from the outset.

The coaching programme has enabled me to step into my new role with confidence in my ability to lead and with a good understanding of how to get the best from my team.

A client’s perspective

Coaching included 7 monthly meetings and included some profiling work to understand my impact on others and how they saw me. We identified over-reaching goals that were evidence-based for the whole coaching process but we also dealt with issues as they arose. Somehow it was all connected.

I felt that I could trust Helen at all times during my coaching programme which I think is very important. I feel that this enabled me to obtain the maximum benefit from the programme.

I am known to be a bit of a perfectionist and my coaching has taught me to accept and respect that everyone is different and also how to lead to bring out the best attributes in each member of the team.

The coaching has given me a much better insight into the person that I am and the type of leader not only that I am but also that I would like to become.

Here are some typical challenges that coaching clients want to address:

  • Excelling in a newly promoted role
  • Releasing yourself to think more expansively and inspire leadership in others
  • Creating a positive culture that inspires and motivates others
  • Manage effectively upwards and downwards
  • Fearful of stepping into a role and leaving behind your field of competence
  • Building confidence and authenticity


Sound familiar? 
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