The Discovery Prism is our practical framework (and now a book) for changing your organisation for the better, by changing the way you look at it – together.


The Discovery Prism promotes an emergent discovery process that centres around the key questions: who are we here to serve and why? It invites you to take a wide-angled view of your organisation as one that serves all stakeholders, including future generations. 

As a model for change, The Discovery Prism will help you to uncover what matters and realise the potential of your people, individually and collectively. The potential to create productive, fulfilling workplaces that truly make a difference.

The three circular lenses of the Discovery Prism form three overlap lenses. Together they create the Prism at the centre, which represents the collective, collaborative energy and focus that powers positive transformation in organisations.


Four principles are fundamental to making the Discovery Prism process work for you and your colleagues. The same four principles that underpin thriving 21st century organisations.

Being before doing

This is about who we are and how we relate to others. Being aware of our presence and bringing our true selves to work are vital first steps to positively influencing our environment and those around us.


21st century leadership is about tapping into the capacity of the many, of the diverse, to solve ever more complex problems. In a global environment where everything is inter-connected, creative approaches to collaboration mean partnering across, not just within, organisations.


Constructive diagloue demands of us curiosity and the ability listen deeply, without agenda. It’s not about mediocrity and compromise, but about seeking to understand before being understood and owning the outcomes of discussion.

Connecting the dots

When people truly come together to co-create the bigger picture in an organisation, this results in a collective energy that drives shared purpose. Without this connection, energy can leak and become toxic.

About the book

The Discovery Prism isn’t just ‘another leadership book’, but a guide to reconnecting the positive, human energy in organisations toward shared purpose – and extraordinary possibility.

We see it as:

  • A guide for people who want to make a difference – in organisations of all shapes, sizes and cultures
  • A means of seeing clearly and a model for positive, purpose-driven change
  • About uniting your organisation for the benefit of its bigger purpose, and the benefit of each person who chooses to be part of it
  • A simple yet insightful framework to help you ask the big questions of your organisation; its purpose, place in the world, and its legacy for future generations
  • A way to help your organisation connect the dots so every part of its activity has meaning, inspiring engagement and accountability
  • A tool for 21st century leaders that shines a light on the tomorrow you desire, to help you build it today

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About the authors

Authors Anne Stenbom and Helen Battersby are co-founders of Global Business Leaders.

The Discovery Prism, their first book, synthesises their combined experience and understanding of 21st century leadership and culture. It’s their hope that through co-creation on an organisational scale, the benefits of the Discovery Prism framework will be shared widely, now and in the future.



Anne and Helen have delivered what I believe to be a best-in-class leadership tool for 21st century leaders.

Tom Pirrone
Senior VP – World View Enterprises Inc. US

The Discovery Prism provides a practical framework that supports expanded thinking, stakeholder alignment and collaboration.

Mary Ellen Rogahn
senior VP, Global Coaching (Lee Hecht Harrison), USA

A refreshing look at the power of individuals in exploring ways to get the very best outcomes, collectively and individually. This can only give positive results.

Steve Hails
director, Thames Tideway Tunnel, UK

The Discovery Prism should be required reading for any leader who wants to develop their organisation holistically.

Ulf Boman
partner, Kairos Future, Sweden

The framework really helps you evaluate what is important to your people and reminds us all about being accountable to yourself for the results you want to see.

Kirstie Loveridge
senior VP, human resources, AEG Europe

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