On the passing of her late majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I am struck by the many references to her leadership and service to the people of her country, Commonwealth and her many causes.
Millions around the world have mourned her passing and expressed their condolences and gratitude for her unending service, her loyalty and unwavering sense of duty.  She has been seen as steadfast, leading through change, not resisting it and not wavering to please the populace (to win more votes) but to do “the right thing”.
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The Scottish Parliament Mace

The events that have unfolded since the announcement of the Queen’s death have been rich in symbolism.  These connect us to history, tell stories that are passed from generation to generation and paint the rich tapestry of culture.
One such symbol stood out for me – the Scottish Parliament mace, which was presented by the Queen at the opening ceremony of the Scottish Parliament in 1999.  It’s crafted from silver and gold panned from Scottish rivers and symbolises both authority as well as the bond between Parliament, its people and the land.

The words engraved on it are “wisdom, justice, compassion and integrity”.

These are a reference to Scottish values and surely also to everything the Queen was, and stood for.  Her leadership was exemplary.  My hope is that it will continue to inspire not just this generation of leaders, but those to come. Inspiration gives us hope, lifts us and has the power to change us for the better.

Not everyone has the opportunity nor the desire to lead at such scale, but in every one of us there is the opportunity to lead – ourselves and the communities we touch, even in the smallest ways.
Let this be her legacy!

How do we live and lead in line with our values?
What is the legacy we chose to leave?

These questions are central to our book Leadership Through Covid-19 and Beyond. How to create an integrated 21st century organisation.

Because the leadership we demonstrate matters far more than we may believe and has influence now and for future generations.

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