We’re Anne Stenbom and Helen Battersby, leadership development consultants and coaches. We founded Global Business Leaders with a shared passion and sense of purpose – to help organisations uncover the extraordinary potential of their people.

We want to help them rediscover leadership as a positive, inclusive and collaborative force for change. Leadership as service to the whole organisation, and the organisation’s service to the world.

the coaches

Co-founder and leadership coach

In addition to being an executive coach, Anne is an accomplished intercultural specialist. She has more than 30 years of international business experience working for large multi-nationals across the globe, and across functions and industries.

She loves the challenge of complexity and ambiguity within organisations, and feels equally comfortable working with large groups as she is with individuals. ‘In order to grow we must possess a positive, non-judgmental outlook and the willingness to stretch.’ This is Anne’s personal mantra – one she encourages her clients to adopt too.

Being based in London and Stockholm, Anne lives a multicultural life both at home and work and speaks five languages (English, Swedish, French, Danish and German) fluently.


An executive coach with a strong background in international leadership development, Helen has gained 20 years’ experience in leadership positions in manufacturing, sales and distribution with a large multi-national company. She has also run work for MBA students at a major university business school.
Helen is committed in all her work to promoting positive, open and respectful communication.

Now based in Hampshire, Helen used to live in Spain and speaks three languages (English, Spanish and French) fluently.

Leadership DEVELOPMENT for the 21st century

Our world today demands not only a different kind of leadership, but also a different kind of success. What really matters to us? What’s the change we want to see? What’s our part in the bigger picture?

We find that a lot of energy is poured into addressing questions like these – into defining purpose, values, mission and strategy. But seldom are they connected in a single organisation. Connected in a meaningful, human way.

For these things to truly work as a whole we must invite people to bring their hearts as well as their heads into their work, as human beings not cogs or commodities. We must invite each person to see clearly the difference they could make.

As leadership coaches, that’s what we most care about. People being able to create positive and lasting change for themselves, their organisations and the communities they serve. That’s what happens when we ‘connect the dots’.

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